is part of first Open Standard Community for Visually Impaired

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For immediate release is part of first Open Standard Community for Visually Impaired
May 13, 2016 – VIENNA, Austria – Wayfindr, the British Non Profit Organization dedicated to bring digital wayfinding to mobile devices, launches the first open standard for visually impaired navigation. is part of their community to spread the idea and provide venue owners easy access to their visually impaired solution.

Wayfindr has just published a working draft of the world’s first standard for audio wayfinding using wireless technology, along with a demonstration app. It is designed to unite venue owners, digital navigation services, experts in vision impairment and other interested parties at one single point of contact to facilitate the implementation of visually impaired navigation solutions. already has vast experience in providing solutions for the visually impaired community, including projects with big global players such as San Francisco International Airport, MD Support and including their own white label app.

Using the Wayfindr Open Standard, organisations will be able to develop and implement a consistent and reliable navigation experience for blind and partially sighted users.
“Eventually it won’t just be the Underground… It could then be expanded to city level, to restaurants, to shops and that would be really revolutionary. That would change our lives I think.” Ruksana, RLSB Youth Forum Member.

“Having the experience of major installations such as SFO and the creation of the MD Support app behind us, we are excited about joining the Wayfindr Alliance. We are happy to share our experience with the Alliance and further support the visually impaired community across the globe.” Rainer Wolfsberger CEO

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