Webinar & Workshop with indoo.rs and USECON

Silvia Pichler, 

Indoor Navigation Experience

Last week, we were invited to a joint webinar on “Indoor Navigation Experience” with consulting agency USECON. In their latest webinar series called “Zu Gast bei Alina” (Eng.: “A guest of Alina’s”), Alina Köhler, (Sales, Marketing & Business Development Manager at USECON) talks regularly to aspiring companies to gain a deeper understanding of the most frequently recurring buzzwords of our time and to explain how they help solving contemporary problems.

Our Head of Sales, Florian Leiler, was the first guest of the series and ushered the webinar attendees into the world of Indoor Positioning and Navigation. During the 45 minutes, he explained keywords like “iBeacons”, “Indoor Positioning” or “Asset Tracking”, introduced some of our most interesting real-life projects from different customers and industries and answered pressing questions from viewers.

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Top questions from the webinar

Do you sell Beacons and how much are they?

No, indoo.rs does not sell Beacons, but you can purchase them from our partners, whose Beacons we also use for our projects. This site also provides you with a Beacon Calculator to estimate the number of Beacons you need for your building: https://indoo.rs/orderibeacons/

How long do Beacons last?

From our experience, we can say that on average a Beacon battery lasts between 3-5 years. After that, the battery can easily be replaced with a new one.

How do you deal with data security?

We take data security very seriously. Although we do collect location-based data, they are completely anonymous. The IDs are continuously changed, which doesn’t allow us to draw any conclusions on personal data.

Do you need to create an app for Indoor Navigation or can it be integrated into an existing app?

At indoo.rs we don’t create apps ourselves. We provide an SDK, which can be integrated into any existing app, similar to a plug-in.

What do you think of WiFi Positioning?

When indoo.rs was still in their baby shoes, we were working with WiFi. At that time, Beacons didn’t exist yet. The problem with WiFi is, that the results you can achieve with it are a lot less accurate than with Beacons.

Moreover, latency is 6 seconds plus, which then doesn’t really show me my position in real-time, because I’ll already be 15 meters ahead of the Blue Dot.

Another disadvantage is that Apple doesn’t support WiFi Positioning, which means that if you use WiFi, you won’t be able to use it for iOS-run devices. 

Join our “Indoor Navigation Journey Mapping” Workshop

This still won’t do? Of course, a 45-minute webinar can’t cover all possible use cases and possibilities with Indoor Navigation, but rather provide an introduction to the topic and overview.  

Therefore, as a special follow-up event, we’d like to offer you an exclusive workshop, hosted by USECON and indoo.rs. In this workshop, we’ll dedicate 4-8 hours of our time to your ideas and project, assessing the requirements and potential & possibilities you can exhaust with Indoor Positioning, answering your individual questions, and as the cherry on top we’ll take you through a live-demo in a Viennese shopping mall!

If you’re interested in a workshop, please get in touch with either [email protected] or [email protected]


Watch the Webinar

In case you weren’t able to participate in the live webinar last week, you can now watch it online! As already mentioned, the webinar was held in German, but some of the slides, including a use case video, are in English, so even as a non-German speaker you might want to check it out!


USECON is an Austrian design & consulting agency specialized on the 3 “U”s: Usability, User experience and User interface design. The company operates internationally, providing their clients with professional consulting and solutions for diverse activities of interactive systems’ user oriented design.