What is Indoor Positioning?

Silvia Pichler, 


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As an entrepreneur, you will probably have heard a lot of talk about Indoor Positioning lately. You may have heard it in conjunction with retail or travel, maybe even trade shows or healthcare, but do you know what Indoor Positioning actually denotes?


Indoor Positioning, also often referred to as an Indoor Positioning System (IPS), enables exact localization of people or objects inside a building. In other words, it is like GPS for indoor environments.


Indoor Positioning is enabling various use cases in diverse industries and continuously gaining popularity in areas such as airports, train stations, hospitals, corporate campuses, shopping malls or other indoor venues where location-based services help grow business.



How does it work?


The main reason why Indoor Positioning has not been a thing until relatively recently, while outdoor navigation has become an essential part of our everyday lives, is that it needed a completely new technology. That is because, due to line-of-sight obstruction caused by buildings or other obstacles, GPS signals don’t work indoors.


Nowadays, there are several different solutions out there to make IPS work. One that has repeatedly shown the most accurate and stable results is based on BLE Beacon technology.


indoo.rs combines iBeacons with smartphone sensors to achieve high quality Indoor Positioning. For more information, please read our article on indoo.rs AiLE.


Practical applications of Indoor Positioning

Creativity knows almost no boundaries when it comes to Indoor Positioning use cases. Many industries and businesses can benefit strongly vom adopting location-based solutions to grow their revenue stream and increase customer satisfaction and efficiencies.



Big transport hubs such as airports or train stations are increasingly relying on Indoor Positioning and Navigation to not only help passengers find their way, but also improve workflows. Learn more about our project at Penn Station NY and how transport can benefit in general. Read more


Shopping malls

IPS is popularly used in a retail setting. In large shopping malls, there are a great number of brands, stores and thousands of products which can be a source of frustration if you can’t locate them. This is when Indoor Positioning and Navigation can help a visitor find what they are looking for with ease. More info on Indoor Positioning for retail.

indoor positioning retail

Navigating around large retail stores to find products and get special discounts


Smart offices

As companies are converting to a more responsive workplace with activity-based working and hotdesking, it may be a bit challenging to find a free workspace or a specific colleague. This is when indoor positioning makes collaboration easier. More info on how our corporate campus solution can help:


Digital Health

Modern healthcare institutions are struggling to keep to their schedule due to the increase of patients and regular disruptions that could be avoided with Indoor Positioning and Asset Tracking. Finding available nearby wheelchairs or other equipment and helping patients and visitors find their way to the right treatment room is taking away too much time from personnel. Read the following articles to find out how these issues can be resolved:


Events and Trade Shows

Big events such as trade shows are usually crowded with masses of visitors, all trying to make it through the jungle of booths and find the brand they are looking for. This can be quite a hassle and leave many visitors frustrated, as they cannot spend their time as efficiently as they would want to. On top of that exhibitors would want to increase their visibility and accessibility. Indoor Positioning makes this possible.

indoor positioning cph trade show

Visitors navigating via mobile app at the International Fashion Trade Show in Copenhagen

Check out some of our events related projects:


One of the above mentioned use cases is exactly what you’re looking to do? Or you have other fantastic ideas?